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Why make life harder?


Artist Life Vocal Health Consulting was created to make the life of an artist, or anyone who uses their voice, a little bit easier. Those whose voices are constantly working have enough problems already, and health shouldn't have to be one of them. We want people to thrive, not just survive. There are so many easy, practical ways to take care of your voice, but most people don't know what they are. Artist Life is here to help. 

Our vision is to help people control what they can control when it comes to their vocal health. We work with anyone from any background - singers, actors, public speakers, teachers, lawyers, radio and tv personalities - anyone who uses their voice on a regular basis and wants to proactively take care of it.

Our founder


Meet Alexi Sanchez

Alexi Sanchez is a singer and composer/lyricist in the Chicagoland area. Growing up, singing was her life. She was in choir, show choir, and jazz choir all through middle and high school. Alexi has an undergraduate degree in theater from Northwestern University, where she specialized in music theater and composing. She was also the music director of her a cappella group, Extreme Measures.

After a couple years of late night belting after a cappella rehearsals, Alexi found herself suddenly losing control of her voice. She visited the ENT, where they discovered both hemorrhages and nodules on her vocal cords. She was unable to sing for the rest of her junior year at Northwestern. That's where her journey toward vocal health began.  

After about 6 months of vocal therapy with the world renowned Bastian Institute, Alexi had much stronger cords, but the nodules had not gone away. She had surgery for their removal in 2011, and has prioritized her vocal health ever since. 

There was so much I did wrong with the care of my voice. That caused a lot of heartache and struggle that I didn't need to go through. I'm hoping to help others not make the same mistakes, so they can focus on thriving instead of surviving vocally.

-Alexi Sanchez, Founder

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